Email Templates

Email is a great avenue to connect with your network on a personal level. Below are email templates to use prior to and on CofC Day to spread the word and excitement about the celebration!

Sample Emails

Subject: 📅 Mark Your Calendar for CofC Day!


Kick-off the new year on the right foot by celebrating our second annual CofC Day on January 27th! CofC Day is a time for everyone to come together to support the College and provide resources for our students, campus, and community.

Here’s how you can help on CofC Day:

  • Donate – every gift makes a difference, no matter the size!
  • Spread the word – send an email or text to a friend or past roommate about CofC Day. Share on social that you’ve made your gift using the hashtag #CofCDAY

Visit to learn more about the day and how you can be involved. Thanks in advance for your support!

Go Cougs,

Subject: One Day. Always College of Charleston. 


Are you ready for CofC Day?! Our 24 hour day of giving is BACK and we're so excited to celebrate.

Join us on 1.27.22 for our annual day of giving with a special livestream event! Be sure to follow along on social media with the hashtag #CofCDAY. 

In honor of our celebrations, I hope you’ll consider making a gift to the College on CofC Day at A donation of any amount helps provide CofC students with the resources they need to succeed. 

Subject: Happy CofC Day!


Happy CofC Day! Today we're celebrating everything we love about the College of Charleston by giving back to the area of campus we love the most.

Here’s how you can make a huge difference today:

  • Make a donation at
  • Spread the word. Text a friend. Forward this email. Wear your maroon and post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #CofCDAY. 

Thank you in advance for supporting the College of Charleston on CofC Day. You make a difference on our campus and in our community!

Subject: Today’s the Day – it's CofC Day!


It's CofC Day! From now until 11:59 pm, you can make a significant impact on the College by giving back at

Your donation of any amount will help advance CofC to the next level. Your generosity helps fund student scholarships, academic programs, faculty research, and facility and technology upgrades.

Let’s celebrate what we love about the College of Charleston together by giving back!